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Visa Services to Bahrain

Travelling to Bahrain? Business? Family Visit? Or Leisure? Helpline Group has got you covered through our Visa services Bahrain.

  • Obtain a visiting visa to Bahrain
  • Process your application for Family Visa to Bahrain
  • Get your Tourist Visa or Business Visa to Bahrain
  • Enjoy hassle-free and timely application and processing through Helpline Group

Helpline Group’s international network is designed to support your Visa needs to Bahrain.

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Rules & Regulations for Bahrain Visa Services and Applications

There are different types of visas available to individuals, families, and corporate users. However, one must carefully evaluate requirements and provisions against its pros and cons to make the best and most suitable decision related to visa to Bahrain. A wrong choice of application may delay your application approval or cause a rejection. Helpline Group is a pioneer in handling visa applications to Bahrain and can assist your requirements and goals in applying for a visa to Bahrain.

Visit Visa to Bahrain

As an Island located in the Persian Gulf Bahrain has many benefits as a tourist destination. Bahrain attracts millions of tourists every year, and there are plenty of opportunities for leisure activities and tourism activities. It is the most appropriate option for you to choose a visiting visa to Bahrain.
You shall need the following documents to apply for a visiting visa to Bahrain.

  • A valid passport
  • Passport size photo
  • Sponsor letter
  • Return air ticket (or other)

Bahrain Tourist Visa

If you are travelling to Bahrain for tourism purposes, and plan to travel extensively across the country, it is a much suitable choice for you to get a tourist visa rather than a visiting visa alone, even though there are no visible restrictions limiting your options in a visiting visa as a tourist. Citizens of European Union, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, and GCC member countries may obtain their tourist visa on arrival at Bahrain International Airport (the King Fahd Causeway). Tourists visas come with 6 months validity. Helpline Group can help your tourist visa applications to Bahrain. You should present the following documents for a tourist visa application to Bahrain.

  • A valid passport
  • Passport size photo
  • Sponsor letter
  • Return air ticket (or other)

Bahrain Family Visa

If you would like to bring your family to Bahrain, including your spouse, children, or parents, Bahrain has family visa provisions in place. However, it is a mandatory requirement that people in the family visa list shall not take any gainful jobs, which is any paying jobs in Bahrain. If you would like to bring your family to Bahrain under the family visa provision, talk to Helpline Group today to learn more.
You shall require the following documents for a family visa application.

  • One copy of the CPR of the residing citizen in Bahrain
  • Relationship documents to prove the relationship with family visa holders and the applicant
  • A valid passport
  • Passport size photo

Bahrain Business Visa or Work Visa.

If you want to work in Bahrain or start a business in Bahrain, the best route to applying for a visa from Bahrain is to opt for a business or work visa. You can legally work in Bahrain, after getting a valid work visa and/or work permit. Your work permit is issued by the Ministry of Labour, and it can only be obtained through sponsorship from an employer. In addition to this, you must also obtain a No Objection certificate from the Directorate of Immigration, along with other required documents.

Other Visa Types in Bahrain

Apart from the above-mentioned visa types in Bahrain, there are additional visa types as well. For example, Student Visa and Transit Visa are two of the most popular visa applications we receive towards Bahrain. Please contact Helpline Group for more information on the most appropriate and suitable visa for your requirements and needs.