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Certificate Attestation Services in UAE

UAE is perhaps the biggest cosmopolitan nation in the world with expats from over 170 different countries and 90% of the total population being comprised of foreign citizens. The active support from the local administration has immensely helped various clients in setting up their enterprises and firm. In order to verify one’s identity as well as authenticity, it is important to get their relevant documents and certificates attested which helps in ensuring a better transparency while conducting various business activities.

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Over the past few years, UAE has emerged as one of the biggest global hubs across the world with immense opportunities in various different sectors such as Hospitality, Information Technology, Engineering, Financial Services, Business Services etc. With an increase in various avenues and opportunities, there has been an influx of migrants for various employment, entrepreneurship and business opportunities.

These business and entrepreneurial activities have had a positive impact on the economy of the nation. In order to verify the credentials of the person seeking employment or setting up a business, it is quite important to attest their documents or certificates which helps to give a detailed overview regarding the person.



In order to attest documents issued in a foreign country, one needs to follow a three stage process. The steps initiated for attestation of foreign documents are as follows

Attestation in Home Country

The document has to be initially verified and approved by the Home Department of the country from where it was issued. The document will be attested by the Home Department only after the necessary verification process.

Attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), UAE

The MOFA plays an important hand in the verification of the document and rechecks the details mentioned in the document. It also ensures that the document is notarized, certified and attested before sending it to the UAE Embassy.

Attestation by UAE Embassy

The document is submitted to the Embassy which ensures complete verification of the document and enables transparency in it’s process. This Attestation is also known as Consular Attestation.

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