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Certificate Attestation Services from the United Kingdom

UK has emerged as a global market in the world of Technology, Medicine, Finance, Hospitality, Engineering etc. This has played an important role in attracting various people from different parts of the world in search of better avenues and opportunities. Due to the influx of migrants, the demand for effective certificate attestation services has gone up rapidly. Certificate Attestation for UK documents plays an important role in the verification of identity as well as intent of the person in visiting the country.

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United Kingdom (UK) is one of the biggest global superpowers in the world that has laid the foundation for an efficient business structure. This business structure has helped various entrepreneurs and businessmen to develop their ideas into reality and helped in setting up of new firms and enterprises.

UK has also emerged as one of the most important destinations for medical practitioners with various big hospitals and medical centres. This has made UK one of the most preferred destination for nurses, doctors, pharmacists etc.

In order to verify the credentials of the person migrating to UK for various professional reasons, the authorities have mandated the attestation of certificates and documents of the particular person.



The procedure for attestation of documents is a complex process. Some of the steps initiated are as given below


  • The documents has to initially be legally translated into the official language
  • After legal translations, the document is then sent to Ministry of Education which verifies the authenticity of the document.
  • After approval from Education Department, it is then sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FCO) for issuance of
  • The last step involves attestation by the Embassy which deems it eligible for use in public domain.


  • The first step involves legal translation of document into the official working language.
  • After translation, the document is then attested by Notary Public after thorough verification.
  • After verification, the document is then sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FCO) for attestation.
  • The final step involves approval from the Embassy which makes it eligible for use in UK.

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