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Credential Evaluation Services

Higher education in Canada and the U.S.A require World Education Service verification of your educational documents. Get the best and professional help in getting Credential Evaluation Services through Helpline Group’s international service network.

  • Credential evaluation of educational documents
  • Hassle-free documentation and filing process

Helpline Group currently works with various universities and service providers to deliver our customers with the fastest World Education Service provisions possible. You don’t have to worry about the complex processes and requirements associated with WES. Helpline Group’s expert staff will take care of all requirements.

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Credential Evaluation is among the most crucial aspects, when you are planning to study abroad in an internationally acclaimed university or institution. Helpline Group offers Transcript Evaluation services in a professional manner. Arrange to get your academic documents validated from the concerned universities on your behalf.

  • Get in touch with us for expert advice
  • We ensure in time delivery of your credentials after validation
  • Helpline Group deploys talented professionals at your service, at various International locations for Credential Evaluation

During the last two decades in the business, we have developed healthy ties with various internationally acclaimed universities across the globe. Apparently, you can expect safe and secured handling of your educational credentials, and completion of all formalities in time for your Transcript Evaluation process.

Why Credential Evaluation?

As you would be applying for higher studies in USA and other developed countries, it is vital to validate your current educational qualification to comply with the standards of the respective universities. Therefore, getting your educational credentials evaluated becomes very essential. Even when you are applying for Permanent Residency as an international student, your evaluated educational credentials would be mandatory to acquire your PR visa.

The professionals we deploy for Credential Evaluation services duly trained and motivated. They are well aware regarding the rules and regulations of various universities. It will never be safe to handover your credentials to unknown people. Helpline Group has a successful track record of rendering Transcript Evaluation services to thousands of students across the globe. We ensure in time delivery of your credentials after validation. Helpline Group deploys talented professionals at your service, at various International locations for credential evaluation

With our impressive Global presence across various International locations including the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and the Middle East; we can offer Credential Evaluation services in an international integrated manner. Our professionals and Business Associates would be always happy to help you with your Transcript Evaluation requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Helpline Group is a preferred agency offering Credential Evaluation services to international students, their parents, job seekers, and many other aspiring immigrants. We possess extensive experience of over 20 years in this business. So, we ensure the timely completion of the procedures; and complete safety of your educational credentials.

Our service portfolio includes wide-ranging documentation related services such as Certificate Attestation, validation of educational documents for higher studies, Document Apostille Services and much more. In this way, you can rest assured that Helpline Group is the one-stop solution for your various paperwork the latest requirements for your hassle-free immigration for higher studies and better career prospects.

We believe in assisting our clients to fulfill their dreams and aspirations; through our well-designed Credential Evaluation services and several other professionally organized services for documentation. We always prioritize your satisfaction, and our professionals deployed at your service would complete the jobs assigned to them, honestly following all the rules and regulations of the concerned authorities, without compromising with the duration required to complete the evaluation assignment.

Who evaluates your credentials?

The norms regarding Credential Evaluation may differ from country to country and university to university. Your academic credentials need to be attested by authorized persons from the universities. The college affiliates, professors and even the public notaries are not authorized to validate your education credentials for higher education.

  • For Credential Evaluation of your degree certificate, a copy of the certificate is sufficient. You don’t require sending the original certificate.
  • The mark sheets issued by autonomous institutions and constituent colleges can only be considered valid.

How to get your educational predictions evaluated?

When you submit your education credentials along with applicable fees, our professionals and business associates take care of the rest of the process on your behalf. They approach the concerned universities along with the applications for validation representing you.

The concerned universities evaluate and attest these documents, as per their regulations. They are supposed to send these documents to the authorities for the next step of validation. If the universities don’t send your documents, our professionals reach the documents to the authorities.

The duration required for completion of Credential Evaluation process relies on the policies of the universities. Usually, it requires 15 to 40 working days to complete this process.


Express your queries and let the Helpline Group resolve them to take your goals ahead:

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Helpline Group, as a recognised and professional agency in Certificate Attestation and Legalisation processes, has developed a strong sense and knowledge of international services concerning individuals and corroborates. Our Credential Evaluation Services are designed to meet students’ needs for credential evaluation for educational standards to make sure they meet the same standards as those followed by the Canadian and American educational system. Our processes are designed to take out all the complex challenges involved in applying for credential evaluation services while enabling customers to focus on the results.

Transparency in Pricing and Services

Helpline Groups follows a standardised pricing policy, and we follow a transparency policy, which makes sure our customers understand our pricing and what processes and practices are involved in each stage of the process. This helps in maintaining a mutual understanding between us and our clients.