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Data Flow Verification Services

There are different ways through which governments and authorities validate documents and certificates. One of the latest techniques is Point of Source Verification or the Data Flow Verification Service. Helpline Group has already implemented the Data Flow Verification model for the convenience of our customers.

  • Get your documents evaluated and verified at the point of source
  • Faster and reliable certificate/document verification than conventional models
  • Verification through dedicated legal channels across the globe
  • Zero delays in document verification and approval through Data Flow Verification system

Learn how Data Flow Verification works and how you can avail the service through Helpline Group’s Global Network.

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What is Data Flow Verification and Why Use It?

The certificate and document attestation or legalisation sphere is continuously exposed to change through innovations. Technology is replacing existing methods of verification and techniques. Helpline Group, one of the pioneers in certificate attestation and document clearing or legalisation services are always in the frontier to apply the latest innovations to delight our customers.

Data Flow Verification is a new technique implemented to achieve Point of Source Verification for document evaluation and verification at the origin or place of issue of the certificate. The Data Flow Verification process is commonly applied to healthcare, education, finance and banking, manpower and staffing, and STEM industries. It is now a commonly accepted method for data verification in the U.S.A and most of the GCC regions. You may opt to get a Data Flow Verification service if you are planning to use any certificates or documents in any of these regions. Helpline Group now undertakes all type of Data Flow Verification service requests. Please contact our regional office for more details and clarity on the service and its requirements.

Transparency in Pricing and Services

Helpline Groups follows a standardised pricing policy, and we follow a transparency policy, which makes sure our customers understand our pricing and what processes and practices are involved in each stage of the process. This helps in maintaining a mutual understanding between us and our clients.

Important things to consider while applying for Data Flow Verification Services

Documents are in order: You should make sure the documents are in order. Failure to do so will result in unnecessary delays, and may also result in a rejection of verification
Enclose all necessary documents: Different industries and different services may require different documents. Not enclosing all necessary documents may result in delays and possible rejections
Quality of files: One should ensure the quality of copies of all files enclosed with the application (uploaded) in order to ensure these files are visible and one can easily read them effortlessly
Additional Data: It is possible for the data flow service to request additional data or files for clarifications.

Helpline Group will act on behalf of the applicant and make sure that all data and files furnished for the application and the Data Flow Verification process are up to date, and as per the requirement, This will help in ensuring the highest probability of acceptance and positive validation of documents. Since it is a new technology and service, there is no clarity among key players in the industry on how to use such a service. Use Helpline Group’s dedicated service system to enjoy accurate and professional filing of Data Flow verification services.