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Police Clearance Certificate is a mandatory requirement for most jobs in foreign countries. Helpline Group is the No. 1 service provider in Police Clearance Certificate services across the globe.

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Learn how Police Clearance and Good Standing Certificate options vary from one country to another and apply for your Police Clearance Certificate from the country of your choice.

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Helpline Group is a specialist service provider, focusing on police clearance certificate and other international individual and business services. With 20+ years of expertise in this industry, we have gained considerable knowledge and insight on delivering professional and timely police clearance certificates authorised by police departments and concerned authorities in various countries, as per your requirements.

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Every job in a foreign country comes with many requirements. Police Clearance or a Good Standing Certificate is one of such requirements. If you are applying for a new job, or intent to take part in Government-related activities, police clearance or good standing certificate is a must have. If you come from a foreign country, you must obtain your police clearance certificate from the place (or places) you lived before. We understand this can be a challenging task, especially if you have already moved to a foreign country. Helpline Group’s police clearance services are designed just for you. Our individual approach to each case and professional handling of tasks make us different from our competition. Visit our regional office today to learn more about how you can get your police clearance certificates delivered to Canada, from your country (or countries) of choice, as per your requirement.


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