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Legal Translation Services in Canada

It is a mandatory requirement for you to translate all foreign documents to local language to use with any purpose. Helpline Group can translate over 100 languages as per your needs.

  • Translation of the simplest to the most complex languages in the world
  • Over 100 languages translated for legal, business, or personal needs
  • Professional assistance in translating websites, software, and other documents

Learn how Helpline Group’s translation services can benefit you and how you can use it in Canada

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Legal Translation Services in Canada and Beyond

With extensive presence all over the world, Helpline Group has become a leading provider of translation services for legal and non-legal requirements. We provide legal translation services throughout the world, especially in Canada, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait and so on. We have expertise in translating the most complex languages like Arabic and French to more than a 100 languages.

Yes, we speak 100 languages and we translate documents, legal certificates and other commercial documents to and from nearly 100 languages. Additionally, we have professionals working in different industrial sectors all over the world, which means, our translation services can also be used in other industry sectors beyond legal.

If you are planning to use certificates, legal or commercial documents from one country to another country, it is very important to get such documents translated to the local language where you plan to use them. In Canada, we can deliver legal translation from nearly 100 languages. Please contact our regional office for more details on how we can help. 

  • Website Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Advertising and Marketing Document Translation
  • Consumer Products and Retail Translation
  • Energy Document Translation
  • Financial Document/Data Translation
  • Government Document Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Life Sciences Document Translation
  • Manufacturing Document/Data Translation
  • Media and Entertainment Translation
  • Non-Profits and Associations Document Translation
  • Technology Data Translation

Helpline Group Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services in Canada
Legal Translation Services in India
Legal Translation Services in Oman
Legal Translation Services in UAE
Legal Translation Services in Bahrain
Legal Translation Services in Kuwait

In addition to these services, we also translate personal documents, business documents, business details, commercial certificates, divorce certificates, diplomas, transcripts from various institutions, or any other document as per your requirement. We also have software and IT engineers in our network of professional translators, which means, you can now convert and translate your existing website, software, mobile app, or desktop applications to your preferred language with ease through Helpline Group.

If you are looking for a professional translation service partner to translate a document into German, Hungarian, Korean, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Tagalong, English, French, Arabic, Italian, Swedish, Bosnian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Afrikaans, Canadian, Farsi, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Thai, and Urdu, then, look no further. Helpline Group is your ideal choice.