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Visa Services

Travelling to the Middle East? Business? Family Visit? Or Leisure? Helpline Group has got you covered through our Visa services throughout the Middle East and the Gulf region.

  • Obtain a visiting visa to the Middle East
  • Process your application for Family Visa in the Middle East
  • Get your Tourist Visa or Business Visa to countries in the Gulf region
  • Enjoy hassle-free and timely application and processing through Helpline Group

Helpline Group’s international network is designed to support your Visa needs to various Middle East countries.

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Visa Services in

the Middle East

Helpline Group is a globally integrated platform offering various services under its portfolio. Our Middle East operations are also designed to carry out Visa requests and applications from all over the world. Our strong expertise in travel and tourism, as well as our engagement with the travel and tourism corporate sector, enables us to deliver the best possible experience to our customers in obtaining visa approvals from Middle Eastern countries.

Extensive network of travel and immigration experts

Timely and Reliable Delivery of Services

Best Visa Service Provider in the Middle East

Service provider of all embassy and corporate services


End-to-end Visa Facilitation


Booking Appointment at Embassy


Professional Advice and Support


Save Time, Effort, and Money


Higher Chances of Visa Approval


Safe, Reliable, and Transparent

We have established a global network of operations throughout the globe. With extensive presence all over the Middle East, Helpline Group is ideally placed to serve our customers’ need for visa application, whether it is for visiting, leisure, travel and tourism, business or family purposes. We have strong experience in the travel and tourism sector, both the consumer and corporate level. It means we share strong knowledge on immigration requirements, rules and regulations and standard practices with our partners and service networks. Rest is assured that you can apply for your required type of visa without having to worry about errors or rejections. Helpline Group is here to help you and make sure that you apply for the right type of visa, and furnish all necessary details.

Why Helpline Group?

Global Presence

Our Global Presence and experience in the Middle East, the U.S. the UK, and Canada helps us deliver your service requirements on time with at most professional quality and integrity.


Valuable Ideas/Support

We exploit our rich heritage and expertise to support the needs of our clients. Most clients have rated our contributions and recommendations to their initial goals valuable and a major part in finding success in accomplishing their goals.

Quality Services

We have developed a platform that can handle any type of requirement at any quantity while ensuring superior quality and customer satisfaction with strong accuracy and commitment to meeting customers' needs.

Trusted Business Partners

We run a globally integrated business and have trusted business partners and service providers across the globe. Integrating these service provides gives us the flexibility of serving you better at unmatchable speed.