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Birth Certificate Legalization in Canada


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Attestation or legalization or Apostille is a process where documents are certified by the respective authority from your native country so that an international country can recognize it. The process of certificate attestation/legalization of documents depends on the type of document, place of issuance and country of travel. Documents that require legalization or apostille include birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree certificates and commercial documents.


When & Why is a Birth Certificate Authentication Required?

For a work visa, student visa, residency visa, Family Visa,or business purpose, a birth certificate with an apostille is required. It proves that the information on your birth certificate is accurate, which is acceptable in the nation. This document provides fundamental information, such as the person’s birthplace and country of origin.


Documents needed for the apostille process for birth certificates

  • Original birth record.
  • Civil identification copy, such as a passport or driver’s license copy, etc.


Birth certificate authentication is a two-step process.

  1. Birth certificate authentication at the global affairs in Canada.
  2. Birth certificate legalization at the embassy in Canada.

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