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Company Formation Services in Qatar

How do you start or form a company in a foreign country? Learn various steps and requirements involved with company formation in foreign countries.

  • Choose the best company structure based on your requirements in Qatar
  • Set-up the business in your country of choice, as per your requirements in Qatar
  • Get your paperwork and documentation filled professionally with ease in Qatar
  • Manage taxation and licensing requirements in Qatar through Helpline Group’s dedicated legal compliance mechanism

Learn how to proceed with business interests and investments in Qatar by forming a business or a company of your choice.

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One of the highest growing countries in the Gulf Region, Qatar has strong prospects when it comes to making business investments. Since Qatar has amended its policies to allow foreign owners and investors to have 100% investments in various sectors in the country, including agriculture, industry, health, education and tourism and so on, in addition to the exploitation of natural resources, Qatar now has strong prospects for the business.

However, forming an effective strategy is very essential to set-up a business that follows these guidelines and policies. Helpline Group’s dedicated company and business formation services in Qatar are designed to assist you in these needs. We can guide you through the social, economic, and financial conditions and structures existing in the market to help you make the best decision possible. Since Qatar is moving ahead to become a major global economy, it is the right time to make business investments in the sector.

Transparency in Pricing and Services

Helpline Groups follows a standardised pricing policy, and we follow a transparency policy, which makes sure our customers understand our pricing and what processes and practices are involved in each stage of the process. This helps in maintaining a mutual understanding between us and our clients.

Company Formation Steps in Qatar

Finding A Partner

Every business must have a Qatari partner to set up a business in Qatar and obtain all necessary licenses and permissions. Helpline Group can find a suitable partner for your business in Qatar.

Business Set-Up

Regulations and requirements of law changes as per the industry and business requirements in Qatar. Helpline Group can help you understand these changes and makes the best decision.

License Registration

Licensing is a key part of getting a business set-up and running in Qatar. Helpline Group can help you choose the right licences from the numerous options available in Qatar.

Assurance on Reliability and Quality

Helpline Group's primary motto is to ensure quality and reliability while ensuring the highest customer satisfaction possible so that our customers become our evangelists. You, as a client, can be assured that your company formation processes are in good hands, and your business will be up and running in no time, adhering to the legal and regulatory requirements of the country.

Legal Structures of the Company

The authority responsible for manning and governing all corporate affairs and activities are the Ministry of Business and Trade in Qatar. The Ministry of Business and Trade carefully evaluates all applications and requirements before resisting every company. As per the prevailing laws in Qatar, a foreign entity may take up any of the following company structures.

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Foreign Company Branches
  • Commercial Agencies
  • Representative Trade Offices
  • General Partnership Company
  • Limited Share Partnership Company
  • Holding Company
  • Public Shareholding Company
  • Joint Venture
Limited Liability Company Formation in Qatar

One of the most popular models of company structures in Qatar is a Limited Liability Company or commonly referred to as LLC. An LLC is a partnership between two or more persons. Partners can be Qatari nationals as well. LLCs are allowed to operate in all sectors, except for the commercial agencies and real estate businesses in Qatar.

General Partnership Company

A general partnership company is formed in Qatar to initiate commercial activities by setting up a partnership business is Qatar. In a General Partnership company, there are mandatory requirements to have at least one general partner and one limited partner. While the general partner is responsible for the business activities performed by the company, he shall be liable to the business and its liabilities to the full extent of his personal wealth.

On the other hand, a limited partner has limited liability to the extent of his investments in the company. One should pay attention to their business requirements while setting up a general partnerships company. Helpline group’s services are designed to support partners in making such decisions.

Limited Share Partnership Company

A limited share partnership company is formed with at least one joint partner and at least four trustee shareholding partners. This unique form of partnership in Qatar is required to have a mime share capital of 1 million Qatari Rial.

Holding Company

A holding company in Qatar is used for promoting investment activities and controlling of subsidiary businesses. A holding company can invest in shares of other companies and engage in managerial activities and functions of those companies. However, there is a minimum capital requirement of 10 Million QR for setting up Holding Companies in Qatar

Public Shareholding Company

There are provisions of joint stock companies and Qatari Shareholding Companies under the public shareholding company provision in Qatar. In a joint stock company, shares are divided into a minimum of five shareholders. Speak to Helpline Group for more information on the most appropriate Joint Stock Company option in Qatar.

Joint Venture

Joint Ventures are companies formed between partners or companies in Qatar. It is usually not incorporated in Qatar as there are no mandatory requirements for registering the business, which means there is no legal personality or recognition of such forms of businesses in the country.

Representative Trade Offices

As per the decisions are taken by the Ministry of Business and Trade (no. 142/2006), it is now possible for foreign firms to open representative offices in Qatar without needing to have a Qatari partner. While it is required for representative offices to have commercial registration and can employ staffs for its activities, a representative office can only operate as a shop window for the parent company (foreign company) in Qatar, carrying out the activities followed by the parent company.

Commercial Agencies

Foreign companies can also establish commercial agencies in Qatar to establish agents that act as an exclusive provider of services for the foreign counterpart, or as an exclusive seller of the products and services produced by the foreign company.


It is now possible for foreign companies to establish branch offices in Qatar if the company has a contract for carrying out activities related to performing a public service or utility. Although such branch offices are subjected to an exemption from the Minister of Business & Trade, such branch offices shall not enter into or engage in any commercial activities that are not part of its original contract.

In addition to this, branch offices in Qatar under this category do not require local partners in Qatar; however, operations are fully taxable unless there is a specific exemption granted by the government.

Other Factors You Should Consider for Qatar Business Formation

Real Estate

If your business is planning to take up brokerage of real estate and property in Qatar, you must obtain special licenses associated with business operations from the Ministry of Business and Trade, in addition to having listed real estate brokerage as one of the services of the company.

Licensing Options in Qatar

Helpline Group also has professional services designed to support your company formation needs covering all activities, including licensing and registration needs. We lend our help to our business customers for acquiring industrial, activity, school and institution, travel and tourism agency, shipping agency, engineering, consultancy and contracting licenses. In addition to this, we handle all type of licensing requirements in Qatar, including those associated with specific industries such as hotels, restaurants, travel and tourism, education, cleaning and utility, trading and real estate sectors.

Taxation of companies registered in Qatar

As per the Law no. 11 and 9 of 1993 and 1989, foreign companies operating in Qatar must pay taxes on their activities in Qatar, while companies owned and operated by Qatari nationals or citizen of GCC member countries are exempted from such conditions. However, foreign partners in such firms are required to pay taxes for their share in the business. However, there are mandatory requirements associated with declaring income and tax requirements for each financial year.

Companies with profits exceeding QR 100,000 must present audited financial statements, certified by an accountant registered in Qatar to support such declarations. Corporate and income tax rates in Qatar ranges between 10% to 35% depending on the profit made by businesses.

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