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Company Formation Services in U.A.E

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the biggest global powerhouse that has ensured effective opportunities and avenues for clients from different parts of the world. This has generated a rapid boost to the economy of the nation.


We have a dedicated and experienced team that has been at the forefront in ensuring effective services in Company formation and facilitated easy setup of new businesses of aspiring businessmen. The services are provided within a fixed budget and has proved to be very effective.

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most emerging economies across the world with a rapidly developing industrial sector and business infrastructure. The development of various new businesses and industries has propelled UAE as a global destination for Trade, Commerce and Business.

This has been one of the biggest factors in ensuring higher growth as well as increased business opportunities for people from different corners of the world. The local administration has also been successful in ensuring various measures like  tax exemptions, quick approval and easy development of loans, free-zone development which has ensured increased avenues for various businessmen to develop and grow their business.



Some of the steps that need to be considered before forming a company in UAE are as follows

Choose Appropriate Business Entity

It is quite important to choose an appropriate Business entity depending on the nature of business. A  Business entity has to be selected in accordance with the business plan incorporated by the entrepreneur.

Choosing a Legal Name for the Business

A Unique and exclusive name is important for various businesses to create a sense of exclusivity and to also develop their business activities to greater heights.

Submission of Documents

The required documents need to be submitted to the governing authorities before operating it’s business. It enables to generate a proper standard and ensures transparency while initiating business dealings.

Opening of Bank Account

A Bank account has to be opened in order to deposit the initial capital amount. This is an important process that is used for obtaining a Business Visa.

Transparency in Pricing and Services

Helpline Groups follows a standardised pricing policy, and we follow a transparency policy, which makes sure our customers understand our pricing and what processes and practices are involved in each stage of the process. This helps in maintaining a mutual understanding between us and our clients.

Company Formation Steps in U.A.E

Finding A Partner

Every business must have a partner who is a citizen of U.A.E to set up a business in U.A.E. Helpline Group can find a suitable partner for your business in U.A.E.

Business Set-Up

Regulations and requirements of law changes as per the industry and business requirements. Helpline Group can help you understand these changes and makes the best decision.

License Registration

Licensing is a key part of getting a business set-up and running in U.A.E. Helpline Group can help you choose the right licences from the numerous options available in U.A.E.

Assurance on Reliability and Quality

Helpline Group's primary motto is to ensure quality and reliability while ensuring the highest customer satisfaction possible so that our customers become our evangelists. You, as a client, can be assured that your company formation processes are in good hands, and your business will be up and running in no time, adhering to the legal and regulatory requirements of the country.

Legal Structures of the Company

The first step towards establishing a business in the U.A.E to understand the various legal structures allowed in the U.A.E to set up a business. One should make a decision based on the level of investment, ownership type, type of control, and business activities etc.

  • Limited Liability Company Formation
  • Branch Office
  • Commercial Agencies
  • Representative Trade Offices
  • General Partnership Company
  • Limited Share Partnership Company
  • Holding Company
  • Public Share Holding Company
  • Joint Venture
Limited Liability Company Formation in UAE

Limited Liability Company in UAE or With Limited Liability companies are the most popular option in U.A.E. The Article 227 of the Commercial Company Law in UAE was also abolished to remove the minimum required share capital in LLCs in UAE. As of now, establishing an LLC in the U.A.E is straight forward and only require showing proof for having sufficient share capital for the business, even though there are no specific requirements as to how much share capital is needed at the minimum level. An LLP in the UAE can have a maximum of 50 shareholders and must have a minimum of 2.

Another mandatory requirement is the need for a local partner in the business with at least 51% of the ownership of the business. Although there are specific requirements concerning the number of shares owned by a local partner, it is not required in the UAE to distribute profit or losses in the same manner. This can be set up according to the shareholders’ will, or the contract. An LLC in the UAE can avail tax benefits since it is given the benefit of recognised as a local company. It is possible to complete the formation of an LLC in Dubai within a few months, and Helpline Group will handle all necessary documentation and filing processes.

General Partnership Company in UAE

A General Partnership Company in UAE is a joint liability company, which is formed through a joint agreement created between two or more partners. However, one of the key concepts in a General Partnership Company in UAE is that partners have unlimited liability towards the business and its activities, which may even extend up to their personal wealth. The company name should also contain the name of one or more partners. Management activities and provisions of partners are controlled through the contract agreement. The company may appoint a third party to look after the business or manage its daily activities.

Limited Share Partnership Company in UAE

A Limited Share Partnership Company in UAE is another form of partnership, which require at least one general partner and one limited partner. The general partner is given the privilege of managing the business, while limited partners only have the right to contribute to capital. These silent partners do not make any decisions associated with management, and hence, have limited liability to the extent of his contributions to the business.

However, general partners in such a business form have unlimited liability. Minimum capital requirement for a Limited Share Partnership Company in UAE is AED 500,000 and must require local partners as general partners and foreign investors as silent partners if it requires commercial registration. Helpline Group can help you set up a Limited Share Partnership Company in UAE and handle all its requirements and goals.

Holding Company in UAE

Holding Companies in the UAE are used for managing investments and taking control of subsidiary companies. It is possible to incorporate a holding company in any of the seven emirates of the UAE. A Holding Company in UAE has specific requirements, such as having proper management and board of directors for controlling and managing the business. In addition to this, Holding Company in UAE can form other forms of businesses in the U.A.E, engage in manufacturing or service activities. Contact Helpline Group for further information on Holding Company formation in UAE.

Public Shareholding Company in UAE

A public share company is more suitable for making large investments in the U.A.E. Shares in a Public Shareholding Company in UAE are divided equally and listed or traded in the stock exchange. There is a minimum capital requirement of AED 10 million for such a Public Shareholding Company in UAE, and the liability of each partner is limited to the extent of their investment in shares. Every Public Shareholding Company in UAE should have a minimum of 10 funders who sign the Memorandum of Association. There are no limitations as to the industry or activities a Public Shareholding Company in UAE can operate in.

Joint Ventures in UAE

Joint Ventures in the UAE are a partnership between two or more parties. However, for creating a Joint Venture in UAE, one party must have a valid UAE license, but Joint Ventures in UAE do not enjoy the benefits of a separate legal entity in the country. In addition to this, business activities of Joint Ventures in UAE are conducted under the name of one of the participating companies – this company is solely held responsible for all decisions taken by the Joint Venture in UAE. There are also provisions associated with involving foreign investors in such Joint Ventures in UAE. Speak to Helpline Group for more information on setting up a Joint Venture in UAE and managing a Joint Venture in UAE.

Representative Trade Offices (RTO) in UAE

Representative Trade Office in UAE allows 100% foreign ownership. It is usually set up by foreign companies in the U.A.E to carry out business activities, such as promoting the business, dealing with clients, or managing services offered by the company. However, Representative Trade Office in UAE are prohibited from conducting commercial activities in U.A.E. It is also required to have a local individual as a National Service Agent in such Representative Trade Office in UAE. Speak to Helpline Group for more information on setting up such Representative Trade Offices in UAE.

Commercial Agencies in UAE

Foreign businesses can establish commercial agencies in the UAE, without having to worry about their physical presence or investments. A commercial agent is required for such Commercial Agencies in UAE. Although a Commercial Agency can be established by a foreign company on its own, it is also possible to establish such Commercial Agencies in UAE with local partners. There are several protections for commercial agents and agencies in the UAE.

However, one should understand all regulatory and legal requirements and limitations involved with commercial agencies in the UAE before finalising such a business. For example, it is possible for the principal to terminate the agency only on “material grounds”. Hence, speak to Helpline Group today to know more about the suitability of using Commercial Agencies in UAE as your preferred business model structure in the UAE.

Branch Offices in UAE

Companies may set up their branch offices int eh UAE and reserve 100% ownership and control of its activities in the UAE. In UAE, branch offices are allowed to engage in commercial activities, and revenue generating business processes. However, a major limitation of such a business model structure is the branch offices can only engage in the activities performed by its parent company.

Every branch office should have necessary registration and licenses to commence and continue operations in the UAE, in addition to appointing a local National Service Agent (NSA). Helpline Group can support you with all these requirements and activities involving branch office formation in the UAE.

Real Estate

The real estate business and industry in the UAE is booming at a rapid rate. The country is currently receiving huge investments in its real estate sector. Not only real estate brokerage companies, but also developers and builders are entering the market with competitive and innovative business ideas. However, one must have to undergo several procedures to become a licensed real estate broker in the UAE.

Apart from having a unique name via the Economic Development Department of UAE, there are additional requirements of licensing and registration required for real estate brokerage and building companies. Helpline Group has established dedicated services to handle all these tasks for companies and corporate clients.

Tax System

All Emirates in the UAE have the freedom to frame their own tax policy, which means, they tend to change according to the Emirates where the company is operating. Although the liberal tax policy followed by most emirates is one of the prime reasons for attracting more businesses to the region, there are strict rules concerning tax conditions, benefits, and exemptions. For example, purchasing property through business attracts 4% ta for businesses in the UAE where both the seller and buyer pays 2% each. Helpline Group can advise in all tax-related areas associated with your choice of business structure and activities to make the best use of the taxation policy existing in the UAE.

Visa System

It is important for foreign businesses and entrepreneurs to deal with visa obligations and requirements while setting up a business in the UAE. Choosing the appropriate form/type of visa is as important as choosing the right type of business structure in the UAE, as different visas have different benefits and drawbacks. Helpline Group can assist you in choosing the best visa type for your requirements, including business visa, employment visa, visiting visa and so on in the UAE.

Importing System

As a foreign business owner or an entrepreneur, you may have additional requirements for importing and exporting, to and from the UAE. Since there are additional rules concerning trade and tariff rates for cross-border business activities, it is important to understand how these factors may affect your business and its activities. For example, VAT is charged for most item imported to the UAE. This is deliberately practised to ensure equality in treating businesses and trade in the region. Hence, speak to Helpline Group to learn more about such requirements and conditions. 

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