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Qatar Visa Services

Qatar is one of the few nations that accounts for a vast majority of expat population with expats forming up to 90% of the total population. With the scheduled of upcoming 2022 World Cup, there has been an increase in demand for efficient Visa services which has helped clients to migrate without any issues.


This is a common question that alerts the minds of youngsters looking to migrate to Qatar. We are one of the most experienced agencies that provides effective assistance for procuring Qatar Visa services. Also we have offices in different parts of the world which helps us to connect with the needs and requirements of the clients and helps us to deliver effective business solutions.

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Rules & Regulations for Qatar Visa Services and Applications

Visa schemes and requirements vary according to the situation and needs. It may not be possible to generalise visa solutions and applications across different people. Since every person has a unique need, it is important to consult a professional visa service provider than making an instant decision based on you see online. However, we have put together a simple set of guidelines and requirements, according to different types of visa requirements and service solutions we provide to individual and business customers in Qatar.

Visiting Visa to Qatar

Visiting visa is one of the most popular visa solutions in Qatar. People visit Qatar for plenty of reasons and needs. However, these requirements may change depending on the person, since every person may have a different length of stay, different purpose, and different status or country of origin. Depending on these conditions, you may or may not be better off with a visiting visa to Qatar. Please consult Helpline Group to make a better decision regarding your visa to Qatar.

Work and Business Visa to Qatar

As Qatar is booming, there are plenty of opportunities for work and business. However, you must pay attention to the visa requirements and provisions associated with each option you have while applying for a business or work visa to Qatar. As people are looking for more work and career options in the Middle East, booming opportunities in Qatar can be rewarding. This is applicable to both entrepreneurs and job seekers. If you have an investment and business interests in Qatar, you may opt for a business visa to Qatar. Speak to Helpline Group for more information and suggestions on the best option possible.

Visa for Spouse, Children and Family

You may opt for a visiting visa for your suppose, children or family, in addition to getting visiting visa for leisure activities. It is now easy for people to apply and obtain visiting visa for their family, spouse, or children to Qatar, especially due to the dedicated family visiting visa policy followed by Qatar. While children and spouse of the applicants are granted a visa for up to six months, other members of the family are given visa for up to three months maximum. In addition to this, such family visas can be extended for up to 9 months in total. Please consult with Helpline Group to understand requirements and regulations for family visa applications.

Visiting Visa for Travellers and Tourists

As a tourist destination and a country preparing for mega sports and cultural events, Qatar attracts a lot of tourists every year. There are strict rules and requirements in place to regulate and manage tourist flow to the country. You can get a tourist visa and visiting visa to Qatar very easily, as long as you meet with the government requirements for a visa. Please consult with Helpline Groups to ensure the highest compliance during the application for a visiting visa to Qatar.

Transparency in Pricing and Services

Helpline Groups follows a standardised pricing policy, and we follow a transparency policy, which makes sure our customers understand our pricing and what processes and practices are involved in each stage of the process. This helps in maintaining a mutual understanding between us and our clients.

Visa for GCC Residents Visiting Qatar

Residents and citizen of GCC can get their visa upon arrival in Qatar. Residents and citizen of GCC are initially granted with a 14-day visa which can be extended to another 14 days. It is also possible for maids, servants, and drivers accompanying citizens and residents of GCC to get their visa upon arrival in Qatar. However, there are different provisions and guidelines one must meet. Please consult with Helpline Group for more details.

Other Types of Visas to Qatar

There are other types of visas as well. In Qatar, a Real Estate Visa is applicable to parties interested in buying and selling properties in Qatar. Entrepreneurs interested in investing in Qatar shall get an Investor Visa. In addition to these, there is Seamen Visa, Camel Race Visa. We, at Helpline Group, can give you the best suggestion on applying for the most suitable visa to Qatar, depending on your very specific needs and goals.