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Certificate Attestation Services in Bahrain

Helpline Group can help you with certificate attestation processes and requirements from India, GCC, rest of the Gulf Region, USA, Europe, and Canada. Get to know how we can help your certificates and documents get attested and authenticated as per the needs of the host country regulations from Australian.

  • We will help your certificate attestation and authentication needs according to the host country requirements from Bahrain
  • We can support all your document attestation and authentication needs from Bahrain
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Learn how you can get your certificates attested from and to Bahrain

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Why Authenticate or Attest your Certificates?

If you are travelling abroad from Bahrain and to work in another country, including Canada, you must make sure your certificates and documents from Bahrain are legally recognised in the foreign country, so that your company/employer, school/college, or the government may accept them. Similarly, you shall also get your certificates attested from your country of origin (or the place of issue of the certificate) if you are planning to use them in Bahrain. Certificate attestation helps in this recognition objective by certifying the certificates are original from its point of origin.

Helpline Group specialises in this authentication and legalisation process of certificates through our dedicated certificate attestation service throughout the globe. Now you can get your certificates from Bahrain attested and certificated as required by the legal conditions in your country of employment or foreign country requirement through Helpline Group.

Certificate Attestation in Bahrain

Over the years, Bahrain has developed itself into a top class destination for various business and commercial activities and has attracted several investments from various businessmen and entrepreneurs across the globe. Before setting up any business in Bahrain, it is mandatory to get official documents attested. Some of the basic procedures for certificate attestation are as follows



  • The certificate is initially attested by the State Education Department that verifies the authenticity of the document.
  • After attestation by State Department, the document is then sent to Ministry of External Affairs for further verification.
  • After MEA verification, the document is then sent to the Embassy for final attestation. The Embassy is the final authority that permits the use of documents in a country.



  • Here the documents are initially attested by State Home Department in order to verify it’s authenticity.
  • After attestation by State Department, it is then sent to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for attestation.
  • After MEA Attestation, the documents are then sent to the Embassy.



  • Here, the attestation is initially done by Chamber of Commerce which verifies the authenticity of the document.
  • After the verification of documents by Chamber of Commerce, it is then sent to Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  • After MEA Attestation, it is then sent to Embassy for final approval which makes them eligible for use in certain documents.

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By availing the services of Helpline Group, you can streamline the certificate attestation process, save time and effort, and ensure that your documents meet the necessary legal requirements for Qatar. However, it's always recommended to check the specific requirements and regulations of Qatar's authorities and consult with the relevant institutions for accurate information.

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